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$2.99 Same Day Shipping - Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, and Seabird Island.
$2.99 Same Day Shipping - Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, and Seabird Island.

Standard Hydroponics pH Up and Down Kit,10 Ounce Liquide Nutrients Solution, For Hydroponic Grow Media, Coco Coir-Soil pH (PH Up-Down)

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  • STANDARD HYDROPONICS Ph Up Down Kit For Hydroponic Grow Media Is Your One Critical Tool So You Can Adjust pH To Desired 5.3 to 6.8 Levels For Best Results Since Not All Water is The Same Across The Land
  • ONE DROP GOES A LONG WAY Having Hard Water & Maximize Plant Growth From Nutrient UpTakes Can Get Tricky With pH Drifting. So We Run Our pH Formula ( Richer Than Other Brands ) This Allows Nutrients To Bind For Maximum Output Results, Than Sit Back And Enjoy Your Growing Hobby While Your Plant Feed In The Grow Zone Longer.
  • ALSO COMES WITH PRECISION TOOLS You Also Get (2) 3 ML Pipette Droppers With 0.5 Ml Graduations. So You'll Always Know Just How Little Or How Much To Use Drop By Drop
  • SAFER TO USE / NEW STRONG NON-CORROSIVE BLEND We’re Not Just Changing The Rules We’re Changing The Game While Upholding Maximum Strength ( 35 Percent Concentration ) Friendly. Simple. Powerful Products Plus. We Give More With 50 ml More Per Bottle ( 2 ) 300 ml Bottle / 10 oz each ) is 1000 More Drops then an 8 oz Bottle. Making This The Best Value pH Kit For Hydroponic Growers On The Market by Standard Hydroponics
  • FAST AND EASY TO USE Simply Test pH in Water. Then add 10 To 20 Drops Per Gallon Of Water To Lower or Raise Your pH 0.5 to 1.5 Points. Then Adjust With pH Up If pH Drops Too Low. pH Up We Carry the Same Strength Values.